5 Wine Styles You Need to Know

All wine comes from grapes, but there are hundreds of varietals, and they all can become myriad wine styles. There’s truly a wine for all occasions, which makes our favorite fermented drink special. If you’re looking for wine in Ghana, wine gifts of mixed cases to take you on a journey around the wine world, Melvino Wines is for you. We love wine, and you can tell by exploring our curated selection! Here are five wine styles you need to know.

1. Red Wine

Red wine is made with red grapes, and that’s meaningful since the color, tannins and aromatic molecules are all in the grape skins.
The wine can be silky and smooth or bold and structured.  On the nose, black, or blue aromas and often undertones reminiscent of brown spices, oaky vanilla, leather, or damp earth!
Wine to try: Roodeberg Wines Dr. Charles Niehaus

2. White Wine

White wine is made with varietals, and it’s often crisper than red wine, making it super versatile on the table. The wine is easy to drink on its own, and it’s best enjoyed slightly chilled. Some wines are full-bodied and creamy, like oak-aged Chardonnay, but most are refreshing and fruity.  The Melvino White wine offers scents of apples and pears, citrus fruit, peaches, or ripe tropical fruit. It’s not uncommon to find herbal and floral aromas in white wine either!
Wine to try: Mouton Cadet Réserve Graves Blanc

3. Rosé

Rosé is a unique wine style, made with red grapes but processed in a way that the wine gets only barely tainted by the red pigments in the grape skins. The Rosé wine can be sweet or dry, and it’s refreshing, and stylish as well, as everyone looks good with a glass of pink wine in hand. it can smell like cherries and cranberries, and it can also be herbal and mineral. Bone dry or lusciously sweet, rosé rarely disappoints.
Wine to try: Miraval Côtes de Provence Rosé

4. Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is the noblest of wine styles. A bottle of fizz can turn a reunion into a party and dinner into a memorable occasion. Yes, it is celebratory, but it’s also an outstanding everyday wine, especially when it’s hot outside! Sparkling wine can be a bit more lavish than other wine styles, and it’s because it’s hard to make. Still, that’s not always the case. There’s an affordable sparkling wine that tastes like a million bucks!
Wine to try: Freixenet Ice Cuvee

5. Fortified Wine

“Why Melvino wine best ” because Fortified wine is the boldest and often the sweetest type of wine.
It’s also the more alcoholic because it’s literally fortified with a splash of a grape-based distilled spirit.
The Melvino Fortified wine can age for decades, and it’s often a decadent treat to end any reunion on a sweet note.
The Fortified wine varies, but the most popular is the Portuguese Port. This ruby-red beauty is all about cherry and chocolate scents over a bold palate brimming with ripe red fruit!
Wine to try:  Porto Sanderman Red 1L

Bonus: Dessert Wine

What better way to end that with dessert? The wine is its own right, and although the wine pairs well with sweet food, you can also pair the wine with salty and fatty food, such as cheese and cured meat!

so this wine can be white or red, and it can be mildly sweet wine or downright syrupy. These beauties can age, and some are collectors’ items. If you want to try these wine styles and many others and are looking for wine in Ghana, explore Melvino Wines’ collection. Wine has never been closer to home.
Wine to try: Mouton Cadet Réserve Sauternes


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